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Cubit by Plott

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A simpler way to decorate. 

Redecorating your home usually means math is involved. Evenly hanging pictures on the wall can be time-consuming and frustrating. Do you want a simpler way to decorate and bring your ideas to life? Say hello to the Cubit by Plott, the ultimate home improvement tool!


What is Cubit?

The Cubit is a two-dimensional laser measuring tool that is paired up with an augmented reality application on your phone. Cubit takes the dimensions of your space and brings it to your smartphone. Using the Mixed Reality app you can create your space exactly how you’d like it to look. Cubit will then guide you to turn your design into reality. No more complex calculations or measurements.

Woman measuring her carpet

How does it work?

To get started, download the Plott app on your smart device. You don’t need to set up an account because everything will happen locally on your device. The Cubit features dual lasers to measure both height and width up to 100 square feet. It also has a dimensioning wheel with two stabilized rolling balls on the bottom for smooth gliding to measure irregular shapes. After you’ve laid out how you want your wall to look, simply select the direction to start guidance, and hit guide. Cubit will guide you via the uploaded coordinates to the exact spot in real life.

Eliminate math, error, and excess work with the Cubit by Plott.